Top Football Betting Sites

2023’s Top Football Betting Sites

Football, or soccer, known in the United States, is the most famous sport in the world and is offered by most online sportsbooks. If you’ve ever heard of the paradox of choice, you’ll also understand that having a lot of alternatives can in and of itself be a source of stress and anxiety. This is undoubtedly excellent news for any football fan just starting with sports betting.

Therefore, this article aims to assist anyone who wants to wager on football but is unsure where to begin or if there are any notable distinctions among the countless sports betting websites.

Finding a website to bet on football games online is simple, and we’ll soon go over things to look for when choosing a sports betting website. Before we go, though, we’d like to give you a fast shortcut with a list of ten sportsbooks that have, in one way or another, distinguished themselves from the majority of the competition.

Top 8 Football Betting Sites in 2023


If you have any knowledge of online sports betting, you have undoubtedly at least heard of bet365. Established in the UK in 2000, this company is well-known among seasoned gamblers for providing a large selection of events in several sports, including (of course) football.

As a result, it’s a highly intriguing option (perhaps the greatest one) for anyone curious about lesser-known leagues. A fantastic welcome bonus is offered here: after signing up, you will receive the same amount back when you make your first deposit (between $20 and $200).


Ufabet is a direct website that does not use agents or intermediaries. It is a website where you can conduct business at any time. Players can rapidly make deposits and withdrawals whenever they visit the casino; collecting their money only takes ten seconds.

If the gamers may experience issues with sluggish money, Players will never find overnight cash on our website because UFABET is the direct source of the best money. Therefore they should look elsewhere.


After signing agreements with English giants Chelsea and Liverpool a few years ago, 1xBet, established in 2007, gained widespread recognition among football enthusiasts. These days, this business may be better known for supporting the illustrious Serie A (Italy’s premier football league).

The fact that 1xBet typically provides good football odds compared to most sportsbooks shouldn’t be a surprise, especially given that its mobile platform is regarded as one of the best on the market. We thought “Your birthday with 1xBet!” was a nice one among their many bonuses: you get a free wager on your birthday.


It is simple to understand why Ladbrokes (also known as Ladbrokes Coral) is so well-liked in Europe. This 1886-founded British corporation provides a wide variety of events with better-than-average odds. It has one very obvious drawback, though, that it is heavily geared towards bettors from Ireland and the UK, depending on where you live.

This is demonstrated by the fact that only residents of those select few nations are fortunate enough to qualify for Ladbrokes’ welcome offer for horse racing betting, which entitles new customers to £20 in free bets after placing a £5 wager.


If people cared about its sportsbook, the website of this British corporation might already be regarded as one of the top football betting sites. Still, Betfair stands out since it operates the world’s largest online betting exchange market.

A betting exchange is, in essence, a market where gamblers may purchase and sell odds among themselves (much like stocks on the stock market). With a commission on the winning wagers, Betfair serves simply as a mediator. There is a page where you can view their (many) specials and sign up to get offers by email.


The website of this British corporation could already be regarded as one of the finest football betting sites by people who care about its sportsbook. Still, Betfair stands out since it operates the world’s most significant online betting exchange market.

In layperson’s terms, a betting exchange is a venue where gamblers can trade odds with one another, much like they would with stocks on the stock market. Betfair serves solely as a middleman in this scenario and is compensated with a commission from the successful wagers. Regarding their (many) various promotions, there is a page where you can view them all and sign up to receive offers by email.


Although it was only established in 2008, 888sport (pronounced “triple eight sport”) is part of a Gibraltar-based holding whose first website (888casino) was launched in 1997. The ability to swiftly locate all the football competitions it offers is a fantastic feature of this online sportsbook.

Additionally, after visiting its sports betting promotions page, it is apparent that they are very concerned with luring football fans. For the 2021–22 football season, you can win up to $8,000 by correctly predicting the outcomes of eight chosen European matches. This gives you an idea of what we’re talking about.

William Hill

This London-based company has done an excellent job of keeping up with market changes despite being started in the somewhat arbitrary year of 1934. The fact that William Hill was among the first sportsbooks to release an app is proof of this. Given the wide range of live sports available for wagering, they may also have one of the top betting sites.

If you choose six games in which the total number of goals scored is three or four, you can win up to £200 in free bets. This promotion is called Free or 4, and it’s fascinating for football enthusiasts.

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If you’ve read thus far, I doubt I need to persuade you that football betting is currently the most popular form of online gambling and a popular kind of sports betting. And since football is a constantly changing sport, it will likely remain popular for decades. We hope this post has been helpful to those who want to learn more about selecting football betting online and those who are just getting started. There is always something to think about, which contributes to sports betting’s allure.

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